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Design Thinking Vector Illustrations • Free Downloads

Download 1: Illustration

DTV-01-Illustration.ai (87 KB) — Illustrator CC vector file

DTV-01-Illustration.png (97 KB) — PNG image, 3840 x 2880 px

DTV-01-Illustration.svg (63 KB) — SVG vector file

Download 2: Design A

DTV-02-Design-A.ai (9.24 MB) — Illustrator CC vector file

DTV-02-Design-A.png (349 KB) — PNG image, 3840 x 2880 px

DTV-02-Design-A.svg (14.3 MB) — SVG vector file

Download 3: Design B

DTV-03-Design-B.ai (9.07 MB) — Illustrator CC vector file

DTV-03-Design-B.png (337 KB) — PNG image, 3840 x 2880 px

DTV-03-Design-B.svg (14.1 MB) — SVG vector file

DTV-All.zip (35.6 MB) — All 9 files in one ZIP archive


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