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If you’re interested in design methodologies, I described them on the Process page.

Volkswagen • EV Charging App

Re@charge iPhone app finds and books charging stations for electric vehicles. Connects with smart stations and executes in-app payments for charging services. Promotes nearby shops, gives discounts and offers pastime around charging points.

Consultants in China had conducted a competitive market research and provided basic wireframes to specify the initial feature set.


I had performed a comprehensive research of competing apps and discovered areas in which we can outperform the competition by design. I aligned with Volkswagen’s guidelines to design the logo, visual elements and the prototype.

I was updating the prototype in several feedback iterations to make it suitable for vehicle owners in Beijing. Once we were satisfied, I had prepared the deliverables and forwarded them to a remote development team.


Client: Volkswagen China
Company: P3 Group
Scope: mobile app
Coordinators: Business Analysts

Duration: 4 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


Asseco • Design Language

Asseco’s banking software needed a new design paradigm that supports native mobile and responsive web apps while updating the existing desktop solutions. The future software platform was code-named Multi-Channel Banking.

For this purpose, I have created a modern design language aimed at delivering consistent experience across all channels, devices, screen sizes and interaction types. I had defined the language through a synergy of design artifacts, tested it through examples and conceived its high-level design manifesto.


I was the designer within the working group for the new platform, cooperating with the CTO, managers and developers. Based on the group’s feedback and my own research, I was creating designs for the future. I have designed the UI, the logos, example screens, high-level style guidelines and collateral illustration. The result remained relevant years later.

At the same time, I served as a Chief UI Architect, leading an internal design team within the framework and product development department. We were working on custom-designed features built with the existing framework.


Company: Asseco
Scope: software platform
Coordinators: multiple platform, product and project coordinators

Duration: months
Position: Chief UI Architect
Manager: Product Line Manager


P3 Group • Taxi Suite

Under is a versatile taxi application suite for customers, drivers and dispatchers. Includes taxi hailing app, taxi driver app and web-based taxi central software. It was built for all markets to support both local customers and business travelers with automatic travel expenses report generation and in-app payments.

I had defined the visual language for the brand: the logo, typography, colors, icons, interaction state styling, etc. Then I have specified design requirements for consistent look and feel between mobile and web apps of the ecosystem.


I was leading, coaching and supervising a less experienced colleague while we were creating mobile interface elements, screens and interaction flows. I have created key screens for responsive web app in desktop, laptop and tablet sizes.

In an agile environment, we were aligning on design targets with the rest of the team. Most of the communication was verbal and little or no documentation was available during the design process. We were elaborating the needs and goals of user roles, defining features, permissions and views for each app. We supported the development team with design deliveries on their MVP timeline.


Company: P3 Group
Scope: application suite
Coordinators: Project Manager, Managing Director

Duration: 6 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


Deutsche Bahn • Train Station Kiosk

Embedded app for train station self-service terminals was designed for 46-inch touchscreen devices with QR code scanner. It can read data from a passenger’s ticket to simplify disability assistance request procedure.

Local business analysts conducted a bare-bones on-site research and provided only rough drafts and verbal inputs while requiring a very rich feature set.


I had to conduct an extensive online research about the functionalities that can be included into the prototype to design the demo for self-service kiosks.

The demo used interactive animations to showcase location services and POI search within a train station. It included other contextual features like lost and found, bike and taxi transportation, train search, delays, etc.


Client: Deutsche Bahn
Company: P3 Group
Scope: embedded app demo
Coordinators: Business Analysts

Duration: 3 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


ZF Transmissions • Production Monitoring

A custom-tailored software suite was devised specifically for ZF Transmissions factory lines. They needed the ability to monitor production errors, receive notifications and respond to them from any location and any device.

Business analysts defined exhaustive set of requirements and provided inputs in the form of detailed diagrams, drafts and sketches.


I have designed high-fidelity screens and interaction prototypes for web and smartphone apps. Designs demonstrated visualizations of production line statistics, warnings, errors and breakdowns to meet all the requirements.

The web prototype included interactions for customization of dashboards and monitoring times. Styling was based on company’s design guidelines.


Client: ZF Transmissions
Company: P3 Group
Scope: app suite demo
Coordinators: Business Analysts

Duration: 3 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


BMW • Intranet Portal

The responsive intranet portal provides links to BMW intranet websites. I have designed user-side screens with content variations in responsive screen sizes and administrator screen sequences for user permissions and portal configuration.

Portal configuration supports customization of layout, images, links, grouping, hierarchy nesting, visibility, etc.


The client provided very basic information and some provisional wireframes to demonstrate the desired feature set. We dealt with lack of documentation and deficient specifications during the design and development phase.

I participated in scrum meetings and project-related discussions with the management and development to synchronize on all aspects of design.


Client: BMW
Company: P3 Group
Scope: web application
Coordinator: Project Manager

Duration: 3 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


Volkswagen • Project Management

myEva is highly customized web app: it specializes in creating, modifying, setting and monitoring statuses of collaborators, departments, projects, milestones, timelines, events, problems and missing parts for prototype vehicles.

Layouts are crafted especially for large screens to make the tracking of milestones and timelines easier.


I had communicated with the BA to understand the requirements and build business procedures into the designs. I have compiled interaction prototypes and performed numerous updates of the design until the client was satisfied.

After the approval of the client, I provided the development team with design deliverables, specs and explanations.


Client: Volkswagen
Company: P3 Group
Scope: web application
Coordinator: Business Analyst

Duration: 8 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager


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