Design Methodologies

I had the privilege of working in organizations with distinct design methodologies.
Case studies describe some of the processes I applied in those work environments.

Design Process Case Studies

Company: SAP / CallidusCloud
Scope: complex feature
Coordinator: Product Manager

Duration: 1 month
Position: UX Designer
Manager: Director of UX

Company: Asseco
Scope: software platform
Coordinators: multiple

Duration: months
Position: Chief UI Architect
Manager: Product Line Manager

Company: P3 Group
Scope: application suite
Coordinators: Project Manager, Managing Director

Duration: 6 weeks
Position: Lead UX Designer
Manager: Department Manager

the Right Process

If a process is right, people will embrace it, apply it and improve it.
But no process can replace the right people.

Only the right people can bring the talent and expertise to a team.
The right process uses that talent and expertise.

Quick Overview

Various projects designed by Darko Antanasijevic